Part-Time Children's Ministry Director

Employee Type: PT 20 hours/week; 1040 hours/year
Compensation: $15.00/hour

Purpose: To lead children’s ministry volunteers to teach preschool and grade-school children the basics of the Christian faith and Bible knowledge; to guide children and their families to grow in Christian faithfulness

The Children’s Ministry Director will:
  • Work with the pastors and the Children’s Ministry Leadership Team (CMLT) to 
    • determine the scope and sequence for the children’s ministry.
    • plan, strategize, set goals, set a calendar, set policies, and budget for the children’s ministry.
    • encourage families related to the children’s ministry toward family discipleship and growth in Christian faithfulness.
  • Recruit and screen new volunteers for the children’s ministry.
  • Lead the volunteers to:
    • understand their purpose and responsibilities.
    • be trained, equipped, and prepared to give excellent biblical teaching to children.
    • guide families toward spiritual growth through family discipleship and deeper involvement at FBC Harrah.
    • foster a safe and exciting environment for children to learn about Jesus.
  • Work with the pastors and CMLT to ensure all facilities used by the children’s ministry are safe and adequate.
  • Provide spiritual counseling to children, volunteers, and families.
  • Support the CMLT by ensuring tasks critical to the ministry happen.
  • Authorize children’s ministry expenditures.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

All candidates must:
  • Have a personal and thriving relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Be a church member who participates in the ministries of FBC Harrah:
    • Worship, Bible study, Serving, Evangelism, Giving
  • Pass a criminal and credit background check.
  • Be knowledgeable of the ministry programs of the church, particularly the preschool ministry.
  • Have a cheerful and helpful attitude. 
  • Have integrity.
  • Have experience to supervise employees and train up leaders.
  • Be teachable and willing to submit to church leadership.
  • Read, sign, and fully comply with the Employee Handbook of FBC Harrah.

The Children’s Ministry Director is the supervisor for all children’s ministry volunteers.
  • Reports directly to the Pastor
  • Meets at least every other week with the supervisor